Q?    Is there a difference in the quality of oil in the different bottles?

A.     No, all the jojoba is 100% pure cold pressed jojoba. The bottles vary in quantity and cost.


Q?    Why should I use jojoba?

A.    Jojoba consists of wax esters which are similar to waxes found in human skin. These esters help protect the skin and keep it moisturised. This is why jojoba is readily absorbed and acts as a natural moisturiser without adding other substances which may irritate the skin. For more details, please click here


Q?    Is it tested on animals?

A.   We love our animals. We would never test our products on any animal.


Q?    How safe is it to use?

A.    Mexican Indians have used it safely for centuries. It has proven to be one of the most hypoallergenic cosmetics available.


Q?    What is your privacy policy?

A.    None of your information will be disclosed to anyone not involved with your transaction unless required by law.


Q?    What is your refund policy?

A.    We will refund product if it is faulty or misrepresented, providing that you notify us within 14 days of receiving your goods. Please contact us by phone or by the contact us form to tell us your problem.


Q?    Can you apply jojoba to your face?

A.    Yes. Jojoba is a good skin balancer. An additional benefit is that it mimics the body’s natural sebum and will actually help to break up and dissolve sebum build-up that can result in acne. It acts as a sebum regulator and many acne sufferers have had relief from using jojoba.


Q?    How do you apply jojoba to your hair?

A.    Apply a few drops (3-5) into the palm of your hand, then run your hands through your hair and massage into scalp. Allow the jojoba to be absorbed then wash hair with a mild shampoo or soap. Alternatively, try our Jojoba shampoo and conditioner.


Q?    Is it helpful with eczema?

A.    Jojoba, as a natural skin moisturiser, can help alleviate the symptoms of dry skin caused by eczema. In some cases this can be quite considerable. Joshua, a 5 year old from Allambie in Sydney had very nasty eczema. He changed from using soap to adding a few drops of jojoba to his warm bath water. His eczema was gone in a few days. It can also help keep the skin healthy and so avoid eczema symptoms before they start.


Q?    Is it helpful for psoriasis?

A.    Relief from psoriasis has been reported by people after using jojoba.


Q?    Can I buy in bulk?

A.    Yes, we supply 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litres packs. For 20 Litre orders please contact us by phone or by the “contact us” form.


Q?    What about winterised jojoba oil?

A.    The only way to change the solidifying point of jojoba is to add something to it. Winterised jojoba remains liquid at low temperatures and has oils with a low solidifying point (for example, canola) added. The fact that our jojoba solidifies at 10° C adds to the proof of its purity. It is easily changed back to a liquid by warming gently. (Tip – Placing the bottle under slightly warm running water works well but keep the pump clear so water cannot enter the bottle.)