Jojoba Essential

Jojoba Essential lotions take advantage of jojoba being the premium carrier of essential oils. They consist of 100% pure cold pressed jojoba blended with carefully selected essential oils and are excellent shaving aids, massage oils and bath oils. They can also be used as naturally perfumed skin moisturisers. The essential oils selected have valuable aromatherapy properties and some also have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

As Jojoba Essential lotions are natural botanical products containing no fixatives or artificial preservatives, the essential oils will evaporate as they are warmed by the skin. This means the fragrance is not as long lasting as that of manufactured perfumes which can contain alcohols, fixatives and preservatives, but it also means no artificial chemicals on your skin.

Jojoba Essential lotions have a long shelf life at room temperatures. They are bottled in dark green glass to preserve the integrity of the essential oils and to protect them from sunlight. As it is easy to use more than you need, the bottles have a pump to restrict flow.

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