1 Litre canister

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1 Litre of 100% pure cold pressed jojoba in an oval shaped tin with a pull out pouring spout and tamper evident cap


Ideal for storing larger quantities of jojoba for extended periods of time, this tin has a pull out spout that can be left extended. It travels well when posting via airmail to overseas countries and extra weight is minimal as it needs little extra packing to keep it safe in transit.

Uses of jojoba

  • A daily body and face moisturiser
  • Chafed, wind chapped or mildly sun burnt skin
  • Softens dry hands, elbows and heels
  • Bath oil – just add a few drops, especially if blended with relaxing essential oil
  • Stretch marks – as a preventative it helps make the skin more elastic
  • Aftershave – Amazingly different from conventional aftershaves and well suited to sensitive skins!
  • For baby’s dry skin, a few drops in the bath: for cradle cap, massage gently into affected areas
  • A gentle but effective make-up remover – no need to use a skin toner afterwards
  • A hair conditioner
    Jojoba is an excellent natural hair conditioner and is also useful in the treatment of many scalp conditions including dandruff. Jojoba moisturises the scalp and dissolves excess sebum. Using only a few drops distribute evenly through your hair and massage into scalp. Allow the jojoba to be absorbed, then wash hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner – Jojoba Hair natural shampoo and conditioner is recommended.
  • A massage oil
    Jojoba has excellent qualities when used as a massage medium. It naturally conditions the skin, leaving it feeling silky rather than oily. Masseurs find they use less linen as patients do not need to have excess oils toweled off their bodies.
    Therapeutic masseurs particularly like the firm but gentle contact jojoba allows.
  • A carrier oil for aromatherapy
    Jojoba’s qualities of long shelf life and neutral aroma make jojoba the accepted highest grade carrier for dilution of the most expensive essential oils.
  • A relief for eczema and psoriasis sufferers

Additional information

Weight 1045 g

6 reviews for 1 Litre canister

  1. Leanne Waters

    I have dry skin and therefore use quite a lot of jojoba oil. This is the most economical way to buy it and I can decant it into various bottles with different essential oils to use on my skin and hair.
    I couldn’t do without jojoba oil & find Jojoba Natural to be the best. Love the tin.

  2. Nicole

    This is the best way for me to buy this beautiful product. I decant it into the smaller pump bottle for convenience and easier use.

    • Clare

      Hi Nicole
      We are so glad you love our Jojoba products. This tin is the most economic way to purchase our Jojoba and it lasts well.

  3. Trish

    I am about to order another 1 litre of pure jojoba…the first since 2016! It lasts so well. I love this product’s quality, durable freshness and the results I get using it.

  4. Dimity

    A godsend! I have been using Jojoba oil for a while but I was so glad I came across this company at the Blackville markets in 2019 (I think that’s the date). I bought the litre tin as it was a much cheaper option than the branded jojoba I was using at the time. I suffer from eczema and this has made a humongous difference to my skin when I have flare ups. I use it all over my body and even on my face, as it’s so gentle and absorbs well. I have also used it for making beeswax wraps. So many uses for a beautiful natural product.

  5. Margot Curtis (verified owner)

    I purchased a small bottle on a recent visit to Moree and can see a great improvement in my 60 year old skin. I love it so much I just ordered a litre.

  6. Nicole

    Such a beautiful product and very high quality jojoba

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