250ml Pump Pack or Refill Bottle


250ml of 100% pure cold pressed jojoba.

Family size with a choice of a square glass bottle with a lotion pump or a non-breakable PET plastic bottle with a cap for the family bathroom.

250ml Pump Pack
100% pure cold pressed jojoba in a clear square glass 250ml bottle with lotion pump for easy dispensing without having to pick up the bottle. Note: as lotion pumps cannot be guaranteed not to leak jojoba during postage, the pump is packed separately.

250ml Refill Bottle
100% pure cold pressed jojoba in a clear PET Plastic 250ml bottle.

We have been asked to pack some of our jojoba in a non-breakable bottle and this is our answer to that request. It also serves as an economical refill for the square glass bottle.

Uses of jojoba

  • A daily body and face moisturiser
  • Chafed, wind chapped or mildly sun burnt skin
  • Softens dry hands, elbows and heels
  • Bath oil – just add a few drops, especially if blended with relaxing essential oil
  • Stretch marks – as a preventative it helps make the skin more elastic
  • Aftershave – Amazingly different from conventional aftershaves and well suited to sensitive skins!
  • For baby’s dry skin, a few drops in the bath: for cradle cap, massage gently into affected areas
  • A gentle but effective make-up remover – no need to use a skin toner afterwards
  • A hair conditioner
    Jojoba is an excellent natural hair conditioner and is also useful in the treatment of many scalp conditions including dandruff. Jojoba moisturises the scalp and dissolves excess sebum. Using only a few drops distribute evenly through your hair and massage into scalp. Allow the jojoba to be absorbed, then wash hair with a mild shampoo and conditioner – Jojoba Hair natural shampoo and conditioner is recommended.
  • A massage oil
    Jojoba has excellent qualities when used as a massage medium. It naturally conditions the skin, leaving it feeling silky rather than oily. Masseurs find they use less linen as patients do not need to have excess oils toweled off their bodies.
    Therapeutic masseurs particularly like the firm but gentle contact jojoba allows.
  • A carrier oil for aromatherapy
    Jojoba’s qualities of long shelf life and neutral aroma make jojoba the accepted highest grade carrier for dilution of the most expensive essential oils.
  • A relief for eczema and psoriasis sufferers

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Glass bottle with lotion pump, PET plastic refill bottle


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